Creating smarter IT lifecycles

During digital transformation, organizations aim to maximize technology within available budget. What is often unexplored is the flexibility to fund these new projects when the IT assets are managed across the entire lifecycle.

Smarter transformation

Gain working capital your end-of-use technology to accelerate your transformation. HPEFS has infused $1.1 billion back to customers from upcycling and migration programs since 2019.

Smarter economics

Utilize a portfolio approach for your tech investment plan. Asset management services free up capital, maximize capacity, and enable you to get more from your IT budget.

Smarter sustainable IT

Prioritize re-use over recycling with secure and globally consistent decommissioning services. In 2022, HPEFS processed 3.5 million assets, with 85-90% going back into the market for re-use.

Featured Asset: IDC Report

Infusing Circular Economy Principles into Secure IT Asset Disposition Products and Services

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Robust solutions that can help fast-forward your digital transformation, sustainably

HPE Technology Refresh

Aggressively shorten refresh cycles in an affordable and sustainable way.

Payment Deferral

Acquire now and pay later. Take advantage of 90-day delayed payment structure to help ease tight budgets.

HPE Accelerated Migration

Learn how to transform your data center and generate a cash infusion from your owned assets with minimal disruptions to your current environment.

Onsite Decommissioning for
HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Onsite Decommissioning for HPE Asset Upcycling Services can help ensure that customer data is protected when assets are released for upcycling. 

HPE Extended Deployment

Acquire IT equipment in advance of your needs, and pay only after you deploy it,up to 12 months after receiving it.

IT Lifecycle Program

Modernize IT and achieve transformation goals with flexible financing and sustainable IT lifecycle solutions. Strategically plan, acquire, and consume technology with greater peace of mind.

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Achieve more, faster, with greater results

In a data-driven, digital-first world, you need to create investment capacity to accelerate your transformation. You need solutions that address your needs across the IT lifecycle – funding, procurement, ensuring optimal capacity and responsible retirement. Combining over 20 years of technology insights and financial acumen, HPE Financial Services works with you to create innovative, sustainable IT asset management strategies across the entire technology estate, from edge, to cloud, to end-user devices. You have big plans. We can help you get there.

Your path to HPE GreenLake is clearer than ever

HPEFS can help you plan and fund your shift to aaS, using a combination of asset management and financial solutions – all while keeping your sustainability goals in mind and helping you to overcome barriers to peak performance.

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Do more with your IT budget

Removing funding barriers to acquiring new tech means that you can proactively prepare for modernization and expansion. HPEFS makes it it easy for you to structure expenses in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

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Expand your sustainability goals

Your sustainability strategy is not a fad. By aligning your IT tech strategies with sustainability initiatives, you are stronger, more resilient and are able to accelerate transformation. HPEFS understands this purpose and is the partner to help you plan an effective path forward to drive efficiency, reduce overprovisioning and minimize e-waste.

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HPE commits to net zero

HPE is accelerating our net-zero commitment to 2040—and has developed a detailed roadmap to get there, because we believe that climate change is an existential threat to humanity and our planet.

Fast-Forward Your Digital Transformation with Asset Management Solutions

Plan and fund your migration to HPE GreenLake with asset management strategies that can create greater investment capacity, help achieve sustainability goals and overcome barriers to peak performance.